We have listed below just a few of insurance companies that our office accepts. While we attempt to keep this list current, it is subject to change without notice. The ability to bill a given insurance company for services is included on this list, it does not guarantee that your insurance company will pay for some/all of your services, nor does it obligate our office to accept deferred billing for any of the insurers listed.

A valid insurance card is required to be present if the patient is new or if the patient has a different insurance from the last visit, along with the appropriate payment. It is up to the patient to know their own insurance coverage and it is the patient’s responsibility for any balances owed to Premier Pediatrics.

**Your copay is due at the time of service.**

If your insurance company is not listed, we may not have an agreement with them. In such cases, the account will be entered as a “self pay”, with payment expected at the time of service.

Our panel for CHOC Health Alliance (with Medi-Cal/Caloptima) is currently open for Dr. Rangachar and we are in the process of adding Dr. Zhang on panel.

If your insurance is HMO, ensure that the doctor listed as your PCP is Anjali Monga, M.D.  The IPA or medical group will need to be with Monarch Healthcare (closed to new patients) or St. Joseph’s Affiliated Physicians.

If you need assistance with your billing statement or if you would like to discuss any part of your bill, please contact our biller Stephanie Encinas and leave your name, patient’s date of birth or account number, best call back number, and a brief message at; 949-207-3377 EXT.1

List of Insurance Companies: double check